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Video Gaming Post 2

As I completed my last blogpost, I pondered the question: what insight does Poptropica offer into the real lives of players? Furthermore, I wanted to explore how the skills and strategies embedded within the parameters of that game relates to the real life experiences of students who would engage with it in the classroom. In … Continue reading Video Gaming Post 2

Video Gaming Post 1

The game that I will be discussing throughout the blogpost as I reflect on my experience learning to play it is Poptropica. I have never played this game before and was immediately intrigued by the simplistic style of the game. Poptropica can be played with essentially no previous video gaming experience. This can be effective … Continue reading Video Gaming Post 1

Intro Post

My first name is Robert, but I prefer to go by Bobby. Masculine pronouns (he/him/his) are preferred. I was born in Mayfield Heights, OH but have lived in Lyndhurst, OH since I was two years old. For this reason, I consider my hometown to be Lyndhurst, OH even though I was not technically born here. … Continue reading Intro Post

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